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Courses in Purchasing

Balancing Supply and Demand

Purchasing is the "process of buying". Many assume that purchasing is solely the responsibility of the purchasing department. However, the function is much broader and, if it is carried out effectively, involves all departments in the company.

Purchasing and materials supply greatly influences the balance between demand and supply in a company.

Knowledge in technology, law, logistics and economy is combined with business negotiations to achieve a whole that works for both customer and supplier.

We have the following courses in the subject Purchasing:


Economic Order Quantity 
Calculating the quantity to order.

Establishing Specification for Purchase 
Buying assignments are usually specific, item by item..

International Purchasing - overview 
Implications for purchasing in a one-world market.

Negotiation in Purchasing 
The process of working out procurement.

Operational Purchasing - Overview 
Purchasing of goods and services .

Purchasing Assignments - overview 
Requirements of basic purchasing functions.

Quality Aspects in Purchasing 
Meeting the objective of fitness for use.

Selecting Suppliers in Purchasing 
To get the best sources of supply.

Supplier Planning and Delivery Monitoring  
Meeting objectives for supply and monitoring performance.

Sustainable Purchasing in the Supply Chain 
Responsibility for the product throughout the life cycle.

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