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Packaging Logistics

To be an effective part of the logistic chain

Packaging logistics is a new field within logistics where packaging is regarded as a part of the logistics chain, rather than as an isolated part with a solely protective function. Just as important are the requirements and wishes expressed by the players in the packaging system.

This course explains the important requirements for the design of the packaging to meet the stresses produced by the distribution system during handling.

Objectives: The purpose of the course is to provide insights of the important requirements for the design of the packaging in order to be an effective part of the logistics chain.

Level: Basic, you need no prior knowledge.

Training Method: Packaging Logistics is a Module course and is studied over the internet via our e-learning platform Instant education. Read more about the training method here.

Course Length:Approximately 4 hours active study time.

Price: 70 EURO / student
78 USD / student

Prices excluding VAT.
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Online price:

55 EURO / student
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Course contents:

Packaging Logistics
Packaging and its system are important components in the logistics chain.

Logistics Functions of Packaging
A description of some of the logistics functions that affect an item of packaging.

Package Distribution Systems
A classification of distribution systems should be based on the system’s association with various types of damage or the risk thereof.

The Requirements on Packaging Design
The functions of packaging.

Making the Handling of Packaging More Efficient
Various demands that are placed on packaging in order to make its handling more efficient.

The Environmental Function of Packaging
It is important to study and analyze the effect that packaging has on the environment in order to find optimal packaging solutions.

Protecting Goods Inside the Packaging
In many cases it is not sufficient to create packaging that protects goods against external stresses.

Labeling of Goods
The labeling of goods facilitates an effective and safe handling.

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