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Shipping and Transportation Services

An effective part of the logistics chain

The shipping service and transportation costs will depend largely upon the geographic distribution of the customers and the customer order size. The complexity of the shipping varies with the location of terminals, the mode of transportation, size of the company and the types of goods carried.

This course explains the interrelated cost elements in transportation goods that affect customer service and the cost of providing it.

Objectives: The purpose of the course is to provide insights into activities of shipping and transportation goods to customers which should be an effective part of the logistics chain.

Level: Supplementary, you should have worked in the area for some time.

Training Method: Shipping and Transportation Services is a Module course and is studied over the internet via our e-learning platform Instant education. Read more about the training method here.

Course Length:Approximately 6 hours active study time.

Price: 70 EURO / student
78 USD / student

Prices excluding VAT.
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Online price:

55 EURO / student
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Course contents:

Warehousing and Distribution
The role of warehouses in a physical distribution system is presented.

Role of Warehouses
Warehouses serve three important roles.

Warehousing and Transportation Costs
Any distribution system should try to provide the highest service level at the lowest possible cost.

Market Boundaries
It is the line between two or more supply sources where the laid-down cost is the same.

Distribution Centers and Transportation Costs
As more distribution centers are added, the savings in transportation costs decrease

Multi-Warehouse Systems and Costs
The result of adding more distribution centers to the physical distribution system.

System Service Capability
It can be estimated by the percentage of the market served within a given period by the distribution system

Physical Elements of Carriage
To provide transportation service, any carrier, whatever mode, must have certain basic physical elements

Transportation by Mode
The carriers of transportation can be divided into five basic modes.

Transportation Cost Elements
There are four basic cost elements in transportation

The Purchase of Transportation Services
Use of transportation services involves a form of purchasing.

Shipping Terms
A number of terms are used in international trade to describe sellers' and buyers’ rights, duties and risks.

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