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Basic Supply Service

Meeting the customer’s needs

To a large extent, running a business involves organizing resources and expertise in order to meet the customers’ needs. It is important to be able to offer products and services that have a high customer value, and to do this better than the competition.

The course explains and discusses various actions regarding how resources should be organized to have an effective business concept when managing supply service for products from manufacturing and inventory.

目标: 本课程旨在提供您如何运用基础供应服务以高效并且专业的方式来协调供应、生产和分配职能以达到客户需求的见解。

参与对象: 本课程所面向的,是需要了解供应服务基本知识的人群。学员将通过体验订货员、销售主管、库存操作员、经济学者、物流规划师、采购师等身份来学习以上知识,或通过质量和建设角度来进行学习。

参与资格: 无需拥有相关知识,但有一定相关工作经验者更为适宜。

训练方法: 所有课程均通过我们的远程教育平台Instant Education进行在线学习。点击这里查看更多关于培训方法。

时长: 共计约 15 小时学习时间,依据学员基础而有所不同。每个学员有六个月的时间可以登陆课程。

定价: 1980 人民币/人。



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部分 1

Meeting the Customer’s Needs

To a large extent, running a business involves organizing resources and expertise in order to meet the customers’ needs.

Customer Service

In order to create satisfied and regular customers, it is of the utmost importance that the service meets the expectations that the customers have.

Supply Service

Supply service is a comprehensive concept that pertains to a company’s performance in relation to customers.

Customer Service and Supply Service

Explanation of the terms customer service and supply service.

Market Analysis of Supply Service

Every customer has different service requirements, which complicates supply service.

Service Level Policy

The decision about what the service level should be is usually a senior management decision.

Determining Service Levels

The service level is a statement of the percentage of time there is no stock-out.

部分 2

Distribution and Accessibility

The characteristics and design of distribution to make products physically available for the market.

Distribution and Sales Interface

The distribution system in many companies has several and strong links to the sales department.

The Importance of Distribution for Companies

The situation of the distribution function in a company.

Flow Times

Description of various flow times.

Meeting Delivery Times

Introductory description of various methods used to make the organization more efficient and to meet the agreed upon date of delivery.

Delivery Monitoring

Working with delivery monitoring to assure delivery.


The implications of a claim.

部分 3

The Functions of Distribution

Explanation of the various functions of distribution.

Production and Distribution Chain

There is a pattern of inventories functioning as buffers between links in the distribution chain.

What Factors Affect the Flow of Materials?

Functions within a company that affect the flow of materials.

Manufacturing Planning and Control

Introductory description of the planning and control systems used in production processes.

The Planning Process

Planning levels and level of detail.

Internal and External Efficiency

Measuring the ability to be efficient.

Key Performance Indicators in Logistics

Logistics efficiency and some of its Key Performance Indicators.

Reduced Delivery Times and Greater Delivery reliability

Reduced delivery times and greater delivery reliability to achieve flexibility and adaptability.



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