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Purchasing and Supplier Planning

The daily work of purchasing

Why is the roll of the purchasing function becoming increasingly important in today’s society? The course in Purchasing and Supplier Planning focuses on the purchasing aspect of logistics and deals with issues such as supplier contacts.

The course shows how you, as person responsible for daily purchasing decisions, can get a structured grip on the entire purchasing process.

目标: 本课程旨在提供给您进行专业采购,并且如何与供应商合作的采购过程、方法和工具的相关基础知识。

参与对象: 已经或者即将开始从事采购、物料采购、销售、项目管理、要求规范设计或者在维护和供应商联络上有相关成本责任的人群。

参与资格: 参加者必须在物流理论基础方面有相关学习或者工作经验。

训练方法: 所有课程均通过我们的远程教育平台Instant Education进行在线学习。点击这里查看更多关于培训方法。

时长: 共计约 15 小时学习时间,依据学员基础而有所不同。每个学员有六个月的时间可以登陆课程。

定价: 1980 人民币/人。



1860 人民币














部分 1

The Logistics Function

Handling flow of materials.

Process and functional thinking

Choosing between effective functions and effective processes.

The Supply Chain

Elements of the supply chain.

The Changing Face of Materials Supply

The interplay in materials supply.

The Materials Supply Function

Description of the materials supply function.

Demand-driven Materials Supply and Production

Production and delivery take place according to actual consumption in the flow of materials.

Roles in the Purchasing Function

The various roles of the purchasing function.

Development of Purchasing Philosophy

Various purchasing philosophies.

Trends Among Industrial Buyers

Description of trends and demands in procurement.

Purchasing Patterns are Changing

The purchasing function at companies is gaining in importance

Number of Suppliers in Purchasing Strategy

The problem of choosing between one or several suppliers per product.

Supplier Relationships

A chain is never stronger than its weakest link can well be applied to cooperation with suppliers.

部分 2

Purchasing – Product types

The various functions of purchasing.

Organization of the Purchasing Function

The purchasing environment and situations affecting the purchasing function.

Driving Forces in the World around a Company

Factors affecting the purchasing function.

Purchasing and Supplier Relationships

Introductory description of the term supplier structure.

Purchasing – Enhancing Efficiency

Enhancing the efficiency in the administrative flow.

Supplier Cooperation

Relationships with suppliers should be considered from a broader perspective than solely as a means to acquire materials.

Simple Procedures and Improved Cooperation

Efforts that are focused on procedures and communication should result in lower costs.

Customer Service Agreements

Description of various elements regarding customer service agreements.

部分 3

Purchasing and Strategies

The company’s resources and competence as basis for purchasing strategies.

The Industrial Market

In the industrial market customers and suppliers are equal partners.

Reasons for Using a Specific Supplier

It is important to understand why a specific supplier is used in order to understand the supplier situation today.

The Industrial Purchasing Process

Description of the purchasing process.

Strategic Purchasing Matrix

Description of a model for structured purchasing.

Purchase Planning of Supplier Evaluation

The work concerning supplier evaluation.

Increased Purchase Frequency

Increased purchase frequency at companies entails reduced purchase quantities per call-off and an increased frequency of delivery.

Geographical Proximity and Purchasing Strategy

Geographical proximity offers many advantages. Buyers prefer close geographical proximity to their suppliers.

Concentration on a Few Suppliers

A reduction of the total amount of suppliers positively affects the possibility to achieve better results quickly.

Delivery Terms

Introduction to delivery clauses and purchase agreements in the distribution chain.




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