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Purchase Planning

To participate in company forecasting and planning

The demand for purchasing and negotiating skills is growing steadily since the importance of the purchasing function is increasing due to the operation on a global market.

Negotiations are frequently held in a complex, global and multi-cultural environment.

Objectives: This course aims to give you a deeper knowledge needed to work with planning purchases in an efficient and professional manner. At the end of the course you will have gained a deeper understanding of purchasing and planning processes.

Participants: The course is for anyone who works with purchasing, supply or sale and who want to expand their knowledge in purchasing and planning.

Qualifications: No previous knowledge is required, but it is preferable if you have some work experience.

Training Method: Purchase Planning is a Premium course and is studied over the internet via our e-learning platform Instant education. Read more about the training method E-learning - Premium courses.

Course Length: Approximately 10 hours active study time, depending on previous knowledge. Each student has access to the course for 6 months.

Price: 261 Euro / student
290 USD / student

Prices excluding VAT.
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Online price:

246 EURO / student
273 USD / student

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Course contents:

Part 1

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Purchasing has a role in inventory management that is complex and changing.

Purchasing Objectives

The purchasing department is responsible for establishing the flow of materials into the company, following up with the supplier and expediting delivery.

Purchasing Strategy in Strategic Planning

Purchasing organizations will be expected to take an increasing role in overall corporate strategy.

Purchasing Policy

Every purchasing department has policies, whether or not they are put into writing.

Functional Specification Description

The first step is to analyze the material or part to determine what function it will fill

Purchasing by Brand Name

The simplest method of defining quality is to identify it by the manufacturer's own brand name.

Purchasing by Specification

The quality is based on some standard understood by both buyer and supplier.

Characteristics to Specification Description

There are several characteristics to description by specification.

Factors in Selecting Suppliers

There are several factors in selecting a supplier.

Number of Suppliers

There is a trend to reduction in number of suppliers.

Part 2

Purchase Planning and Forecasting

We get from the supplier what we ask the supplier to furnish.

Price Determination

Low ultimate cost is the objective and responsibility of purchasing.

Price and Value

To measure value we balance what we get in our purchase against what we must pay.

Price Setting

Business is a process of arriving at a mutual agreement that results in sales and purchases.

Price Analysis in Purchasing

One economic concept is that right price is based largely on the law of supply and demand.

Discounts in Purchasing

There are four types of discounts that concern buyers in their consideration price.

Economic Order Quantity and Discounts

When material is purchased, suppliers often give a discount on orders over a certain size.

The Purchase of Transportation Services

Use of transportation services involves a form of purchasing.

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