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Purchasing in Evolution

To operate in a one-world market

Almost all businesses have to learn to operate in a one-world market. Breakthroughs in transportation and communications bring foreign suppliers practically as close as domestic ones. Plant visits and negotiating sessions have become almost a routine for many industrial buyers.

Rapid advances in technology have redirected certain aspects of business and technical education and have created demand for new types of specialists in procurement. The purchasing function and their staffs are being called on to play an active role in managing change.

Objectives: This course provides you with profound insights into the scope of authority for purchasing to meet the demand for an active role in managing change and to operate in a one-world market.

Participants: People who are working, or are about to start working with purchasing issues, need planning and analysis, supplier development, project management, designing specifications of requirement or have a cost responsibility regarding maintenance and supplier contacts.

Qualifications: Participants should have knowledge in basic logistic principles and purchasing acquired from previous studies or from work experience.

Training Method: Purchasing in Evolution is a Premium course and is studied over the internet via our e-learning platform Instant education. Read more about the training method E-learning - Premium courses.

Course Length: Approximately 20 hours active study time, depending on previous knowledge. Each student has access to the course for 6 months.

Price: 432 Euro / student
480 USD / student

Prices excluding VAT.
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Online price:

417 EURO / student
463 USD / student

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Course contents:

Part 1

A Changing Business Landscape

The business landscape is changing due to the combined effects of several interconnected forces.

Lean Thinking and Manufacturing Planning

The philosophy and techniques of lean manufacturing are related to how processes and methods of manufacture are designed.

Purchasing in Evolution

The role of the purchasing function is becoming increasingly important.

Purchasing in Worldwide Economy

Almost all businesses have to learn to operate in a one-world market.

Driving Forces in the World around a Company

Factors affecting the purchasing function.

Sustainable Purchasing

Sustainable purchasing is an environmentally-conscious management process.

Ethical Standards in Purchasing

Conforming to the standards of conduct of a given profession.

Ethical Responsability in Supplier Relations

All department heads have an ethical responsibility to see that their company enjoy a reputation for fair dealing.

Obligations to Suppliers

Cases of interpretations and procedures that involve ethical concepts of doing business.

Part 2

The Operations Management System

Operations management is part of a production system of several functional areas within an organization.

The Basis of Authority for Purchasing

In most organizations the buyer is the only person legally authorized to commit company funds.

The Scope of Authority for Purchasing

The selection of the supply source is wholly a matter of purchasing authority.

Purchasing Objectives

The purchasing department is responsible for establishing the flow of materials into the company, following up with the supplier and expediting delivery.

Purchasing Policy

Every purchasing department has policies, whether or not they are put into writing.

Responsibility for Analyzing Requirements

The purchasing department has the duty of buying to fulfil any legitimate, properly authorized requisition.

Responsibility for Specifying

The using departments have a responsibility for accurate definition or specification of the product.

Product Specification and Design

Companies can specialize in the products they make and still offer customers a wide range of options.

Development of Value Engineering

The scope of value analysis is expanded and refined to include preproduction functional analysis.

Meeting Competition with Better Value

Purchasing should classify suppliers on the basis of quality performance against specified goals.

Part 3

Purchasing Patterns are Changing

The purchasing function at companies is gaining in importance

Purchase Planning and Forecasting

We get from the supplier what we ask the supplier to furnish.

Purchasing and Quality Assurance

Quality assurance needs to be involved in audits of the supplier's quality capabilities prior to the purchase.

Purchasing Performance

It is difficult to measure purchasing effectiveness when so many variables are involved.

Measures within Delivery Monitoring

Delivery monitoring aims to achieve a high quality in delivery performance.

Purchasing and Warehousing

The relationship between purchasing and warehousing departments is close and basic.

Vendor Managed Inventory

The supplier monitors the inventory level and replenishing the customer’s inventory as required, without a special order being sent.

Supplier Relationship Management

In order to effectively manage the supply chain there must be a supplier relationship management strategy.

Information Technologies in Purchasing

Advances in IT have supported purchasing activities in conducting both strategic and tactical supply chain activities.

The Importance of Communication

The communication process is the foundation upon which the management functions depend.

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