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Packaging for Distribution and Shipping

Understanding how packaging systems and logistics systems interact

Packaging logistics is defined as an approach with the purpose of developing packaging and packaging systems that support the logistics process and meet demands from customers. It should be regarded as an integrated part of the supply chain and not as an isolated part.

A traditional view on packaging is that its focus and purpose is to protect the product while it is being shipped and stored. Too much protection will increase costs while too little protecting can result in lack of quality.

目标: 本课程旨在为您提供对包装设计基本要求的知识和了解,并应对物流在处理贵重物品的分配和出口过程中的压力。

参与对象: 该课程面向根据要求交付产品和备件的在运输,购买,分配,出口和存储工作的人员。

参与资格: 无需拥有相关知识,但有一定相关工作经验者更为适宜。

训练方法: 所有课程均通过我们的远程教育平台Instant Education进行在线学习。点击这里查看更多关于培训方法。

时长: 共计约 20 小时学习时间,依据学员基础而有所不同。每个学员有六个月的时间可以登陆课程。

定价: 2280 人民币/人。



2160 人民币














部分 1

Distribution and Outbound Flow

Distribution deals with the outbound flow of materials.

Physical Distribution System

There are interrelated activities that affect customer service and the cost of providing it.

Package Distribution Systems

A classification of distribution systems should be based on the system’s association with various types of damage or the risk thereof.

Distribution Packaging

Transport and distribution packaging need to be matched to its logistics system.

Packaging in the Supply Chain

The largest impact on costs derives from packaging interaction with activities in the supply chain.

Handling of Goods and Risk Planning

Having the right attitude towards the handling of goods can reduce the volume and frequency of damage to goods.

Basic Rules for Loading and Securing

Important rules from a transport engineering and traffic safety standpoint.

部分 2

Packaging of Products

The basic role of packaging is to carry the goods safely through a distribution system to the customer

Packaging Logistics

Packaging and its system are important components in the logistics chain.

Logistics Functions of Packaging

A description of some of the logistics functions that affect an item of packaging.

Checklist on Goods for Packaging

Matters to be considered when packaging and labelling goods.

Palletizing of Packages

Palletizing freight helps multi-piece shipments remain together.

Unitization of Goods

Unitization is the consolidation of several units into large units, called unit loads.

Total Cost Model

Model for selecting the optimal balance between high delivery service and low logistics costs.

Load Planning

Loading load carriers requires good planning for good results.

部分 3

The Requirements on Packaging Design

The functions of packaging.

Package Design for Supply Chain Efficiency

For packaging designers it is important to know which significant factors are the most critical.

Protecting Goods Inside the Packaging

In many cases it is not sufficient to create packaging that protects goods against external stresses.

Guidelines for Good Packaging

To help ensure that the package arrives safely and on time

Making the Handling of Packaging More Efficient

Various demands that are placed on packaging in order to make its handling more efficient.

Checklist Shipping Packaging

Proper packaging is a very essential element in the safe arrival of overseas shipments

Export Packing Requirements

The materials and processes designed to guarantee the integrity of both a product and its brand

Export Packaging Materials

Goods should reach their destination undamaged and fit for their intended purpose.

Returnable or One-way Packaging

Industrial packaging is used to package a product during or after the manufacturing process.

Automotive Packaging Solutions

The automotive industry requires a wide variety of packaging materials as well as customized solutions.

The Environmental Function of Packaging

It is important to study and analyze the effect that packaging has on the environment in order to find optimal packaging solutions.



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