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Capacity Management

Capacity management is concerned with supplying the necessary resources

A production system consists of inputs, processes, outputs and information flows that connect with customers and the external environment.

Operating decisions, sometimes called the operations infrastructure, deal with operating the facility after it has been built. The types of decisions in this category often require long-term commitments.

The course explains and discusses how resources should be planned for and organized in order to supply required service.

目标: 本课程旨在提供给您如何高效并专业地运用产能管理来协调资源生产和分配职能以适应客户需求的见解。

参与对象: 本课程所面向的,是需要了解供应服务基本知识的人群。学员将通过体验订货员或者销售主管、库存操作员、经济学者、物流规划师、采购师等身份来学习以上知识,或通过质量和建设角度来进行学习。

参与资格: 无需拥有相关知识,但有一定的生产计划方面相关工作经验者更为适宜。

训练方法: 所有课程均通过我们的远程教育平台Instant Education进行在线学习。点击这里查看更多关于培训方法。

时长: 共计约 20 小时学习时间,依据学员基础而有所不同。每个学员有六个月的时间可以登陆课程。

定价: 2280 人民币/人。



2160 人民币














部分 1

The Operations Management System

Operations management is part of a production system of several functional areas within an organization.

Managing the Operation

Planning for and controlling the resources used in the process to get the most value out of them.

The Concept of Manufacturing Strategy

The strategy seeks to ensure that the right things are being done and that the right things are done well.

What is Manufacturing?

Production processes are as varied as the products they produce.

Basic Production Systems

The production system used by a company should be the one that is best able to provide the manufacturing outputs demanded by the customers.

Definition of Production Systems

Overview of the basic production systems.

Manufacturing Planning and Control System

To be profitable it is essential to have a good planning and control system.

Capacity Management

Capacity management occurs at all levels of the planning process.

部分 2

Basic Production Strategies

There are three basic strategies that can be used in developing a production plan.

Available Capacity

The capacity of a resource to produce a quantity of output in a given time period.

Required Capacity

The capacity needed to produce a desired output in a given time period.

Capacity Concepts

Description of different kinds of capacities.

Capacity Planning

The process of determining the resources required to meet the priority plan.

Capacity Planning Levels

The three planning levels and the methods needed to make that capacity available.

Capacity Strategies

Operations managers have to examine three dimensions of capacity strategy before making capacity decisions.

Timing and Sizing Expansion

One important issue of capacity strategy is when to expand and by how much.

Linking Capacity and Other Decisions

Capacity decisions should be closely connected to strategies and operations throughout the organization.

Resource Requirements Planning

The process of converting the production plan into the demand on key resources of the company.

部分 3

Aggregate Production Planning

The aggregate plan specifies how the company will work for the next year within existing facility constraints.

Use of Organizational Resources

The input from functional areas to the aggregate plan has conflicting objectives for the use of the resources.

Preparing Aggregate Plans

Preparing the aggregate plans is dynamic step by step process new information becomes available.

Meeting Delivery Times

Introductory description of various methods used to make the organization more efficient and to meet the agreed upon date of delivery.

Demand Management

Demand management is the function of recognizing and managing all demand for products.

Inventory Management

Good inventory management is essential for the company’s result and the customers’ satisfaction.

Objectives of Inventory Management

The objectives a company should have if it wants to maximize profit.

Order Quantities

Management must establish decision rules to answer how much and when should an order be placed.

Capacity Requirements Planning

The capacity requirements plan occurs at the level of the material requirements plan.

Making the Capacity Requirements Plan

This plan should be a detailed workable plan that meets the priority objectives and provides the capacity to do so.

Planning Horizon

The planning horizon is the time span for which plans are made.

Production Activity Control

It is responsible for executing the master production schedule and the material requirement plan.

Scheduling Bottlenecks

Work centers, fed by bottlenecks, have their throughput controlled by the bottleneck.

Managing Bottlenecks

Scheduling and controlling the bottlenecks is extremely important for the throughput of a system.



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