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Master Planning in Production

Optimizing manufacturing operations

Managing the operation means planning for and controlling the resources used in the process.

Production planning systems helps to ensure an efficient optimization work from the very early stages of concept planning through the production. It helps optimize material flow, resource utilization and logistics for all levels of plant planning.

Managers must carefully link both strategic and tactical decisions for maximum effectiveness.

目标: 本课程提供您有关如何在生产的概念规划早期阶段确保有效优化工作的深刻见解。以及如何优化不同层次生产规划中的材料流,资源利用率和物流。

参与对象: 本课程面向参与生产规划及开发、产品工程、库存管理、采购工作的人们,以其希望提高各自在主生产业规划方面技能的其他业务专业人员。

参与资格: 参与者需要具备一定的物流基础原则知识以及一些对于生产规划方面的见解。

训练方法: 所有课程均通过我们的远程教育平台Instant Education进行在线学习。点击这里查看更多关于培训方法。

时长: 共计约 25 小时学习时间,依据学员基础而有所不同。每个学员有六个月的时间可以登陆课程。

定价: 2580 人民币/人。



2460 人民币














部分 1

Supply Chain Management Concept

SCM seeks to synchronize the functions of a company and of its suppliers to match with customer demand.

Supply Chain Links to Operation Strategy

The nature of demand for a company’s products is a key factor in the best choice of a supply chain design.

Strategies Based on Flows

Numerous strategies exist between the two extremes of flexible flow and line flow strategies.

Flow Strategy and Competitive Priorities

The flow strategy is used to translate plans and competitive priorities of market segments into decisions.

Defining Management

Management is the process of an organization by which the goals are achieved.

The Operations Management System

Operations management is part of a production system of several functional areas within an organization.

Managing the Operation

Planning for and controlling the resources used in the process to get the most value out of them.

Conflicts in Objectives

Often a departmental objective is maximized without considering the effect it has on other parts of the company.

Materials Management

Materials management is a coordinating function responsible for planning and controlling materials flow.

Structuring the Flow of Material

Two ways to structure the flow of material are manufacturing planning & control, and physical supply and distribution.

Managing Material Flows

Factors which focus on the need for a more coordinated approach to managing the material flow.

Inventory Management

Good inventory management is essential for the company’s result and the customers’ satisfaction.

部分 2

The Concept of Manufacturing Strategy

The strategy seeks to ensure that the right things are being done and that the right things are done well.

What is Manufacturing?

Production processes are as varied as the products they produce.

Basic Production Systems

The production system used by a company should be the one that is best able to provide the manufacturing outputs demanded by the customers.

Definition of Production Systems

Overview of the basic production systems.

Manufacturing Planning and Control System

To be profitable it is essential to have a good planning and control system.

Nature of Demand

There are two types of demand, independent and dependent.

Demand Management

Demand management is the function of recognizing and managing all demand for products.

Aggregate Production Planning

The aggregate plan specifies how the company will work for the next year within existing facility constraints.

Preparing Aggregate Plans

Preparing the aggregate plans is dynamic step by step process new information becomes available.

Capacity Management

Capacity management occurs at all levels of the planning process.

Linking Capacity and Other Decisions

Capacity decisions should be closely connected to strategies and operations throughout the organization.

部分 3

Making the Production Plan

Production planners must devise a plan to satisfy market demand with available resources.

Basic Production Strategies

There are three basic strategies that can be used in developing a production plan.

Developing Strategies into Plans

The differences between a make-to-stock and a make-to-order production plan.

Master Production Schedule

The master production schedule is a vital link in the production planning system.

Developing a Master Production Schedule

The plan must satisfy customer demand, be within the capacity of manufacturing and be within the guidelines of the production plan.

Master Scheduling Options

The master production scheduling should take place where the smallest number of product options exists.

Planning Horizon

The planning horizon is the time span for which plans are made.

Production Planning, Master Production Scheduling, and Sales

The relationship between production planning, master production schedule, and sales.

Objectives of Inventory Management

The objectives a company should have if it wants to maximize profit.

Production and Distribution Chain

There is a pattern of inventories functioning as buffers between links in the distribution chain.

Financial Measures of Supply Chain Performance

The flow of materials also affects various financial measures of concern to the company.



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